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OEM & Aftermarket Replacement / Restoration Parts

As with most off-road and 4X4 vehicles, owners typically heavily modify them with original OEM and aftermarket parts, accessories, modifications and customizations. While not as extreme as some SUVs such as the Jeep Wrangler, the Nissan Patrol is upgraded and customized by its owners. In addition many enthusiasts seek to restore classic 60s and 70s Nissan Patrols and thus used salvage OEM parts and new aftermarket ones are necessary.

Listed below are a few parts specific resources for finding Nissan Patrol parts online. Below that you will also see the most popular Nissan Patrol parts owners search for. Also be sure to check our Resources page for more useful links to site where you can find Nissan Patrol parts.

Please note that these are 3rd party links and the information presented there is not guaranteed to be accurate, true or complete.


Nissan Patrol Parts on eBay

Displayed below are popular Nissan Patrol parts for sale on eBay.



New Datsun Parts is an online resource for replacement and restoration parts for classic Datsun and old Nissan vehicles. They have an entire page dedicated to the Nissan Patrol, (the link above will send you directly to it).



Patrolapart is an Australian company focused on Nissan Patrol parts, 4X4 accessories, service and other products.


Nissan Patrol Diesel Parts

Diesel Parts


Nissan Patrol Engines



Nissan Patrol Restoration Parts

Restoration Parts


Nissan Patrol Lift Kit

Lift Kits


Nissan Patrol Turbo Parts

Turbo Parts


Nissan Patrol Transmission



Nissan Patrol Seats & Seat Covers

Seats & Seat Covers


Nissan Patrol Wheels & Tires

Wheels & Tires


  1. I’m looking for 1969 Nissan Patrol passenger side or right hand side door hinges and where the striker latches on that is mounted on the body. The whole set of hinges mounted on both door and body. Also the T (chrome) handle for the rear cargo door. Thanks.

  2. Hello dear reader,
    i am looking for a Nissan Patrol MK steering wheel( p40 and z24)
    if you guys have a link or place that they sell, i would appreciate the help.

  3. Hi guys, i am looking for oil pan protector and waterproof distributor vacuum advance for Nissan Patrol “P” Engine.


  4. Hi everyone, im new to the patrol game and am looking for 2 ’65 doors. Just bought a ’65 patrol but jo frames and im having a tough time finding anything on them. Thanks for any help.

  5. I have the head light bezel and the blinker light bezel for a 1965 Nissan patrol for drivers side left side but I believe both sides are the same make me a decent offer they are both in really good condition I will be posting them on eBay 8016374261 text me

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