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As with most niche automobiles, online forums are some of the best places to find information about them. This includes specifications, technical data and other materials. The Nissan Patrol is no exception, with several dedicated club and forum sites. While most of these forums and adjoining classifieds are focused on the Australian market there is still a wealth of information to be found.

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Nissan Patrol Club is an international site focused more primarily on classic Nissan Patrols from the 1960s. While this is primarily a forum there are also useful links, downloads along with classified ads. is probably the best authority and ultimate guide for Nissan Patrols both past and present online. This website and adjoining forum contains information about parts, specifications and even 4WD tips. is probably the most active and classic style forum focused on the Nissan Patrol online. Patrol 4X4 covers all generations of the Nissan Patrol and includes the Safari and Ford Maverick nameplates as well. All the forum basics are present including general discussions, technical threads, 4×4 specific posts as well as a detailed and segmented classifieds section. is another top forum online focusing on classic and vintage Nissan Patrol 4X4 SUVs. This includes topics on technical, projects, parts, suspension and other related areas.

Other Resources

Listed below are a few other online places to find Nissan Patrol SUVs for sale along with parts, accessories and more.

  • eBay Motors
  • Local Craigslist
  • Auto Trader
  • Gumtree (UK & Canada)

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  1. I’m an American currently located in Northern Colombia. Nissan Patrols are plentiful here in all types of condition, colors, and options. Anyone interested, send me an email.

  2. Looking for some patrol parts, I am in Colorado USA, let me know if you can help.

    Door handles – inside and out
    window crank
    just to name a few


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