CL Parts Roundup for Sep 23rd 2018

Hey Patrol Parts Seekers,

So here is something new we are going to be doing.  When going out and scouring Craigslist and eBay for Patrols in the US we are also going to start rounding up all the OEM parts floating out there for sale.  Should be a good resource for anyone doing a resto or planning one.

Check out the lot below for today (September 23rd 2018) – Keep in mind that these are all from Craigslist so after 90 days the links will expire and this page will then only be for reference.  If you land on this page anytime after then you will not be able to click through and reach the seller.


1.) Giant Patrol Parts Collection in Littleton (Denver), CO

Cleaning out some of my 20 years of Patrol parts collection. As I clean out the garage, more parts will be added to the list. 

Due to the photo limit of Craigslist, I am unable to post photos of each part. Email for photos if needed.

1) Engine crank – may need to be “turned”. Includes the main bearings, rod bearings, and caps. $100
2) Cylinder head – will need to be cleaned of rust. Engine sat for a long period of time and some rust formed inside. Complete and includes push rods, rocker arm, and head bolts. $150
3) Oil pan – has some minor dents, but still worked fine. $40
4) Oil pump and pickup – since the engine was non-running, it is untested. $80
5) Oil filter mount and canister – removed from engine as a complete unit. $120
6) Valve cover – minor dent. Includes mounting hardware. $80
7) Flywheel – should be turned at minimum. All teeth appear in good shape. $100
8) Clutch set – this is used and unsure anything can be salvaged/rebuilt/reused. $50
9) Timing gear set – the larger brass gear got some minor damage in removing it (cam gear) but can likely be filed down. Steel crank gear in good shape. $40
10) Timing gear cover – $30
11) Crank pulley with the adapter for the “handcrank” $50
12) Front engine “mount” – this is the part that bolts around the timing gear set and mounts engine to frame. $30
13) Pushrod cover – $40
14) Air cleaner – bottom and inside only, no “lid”. $50
15) Flywheel bottom “cover” – $50
16) Thermostat neck $40
17) Intake and Exhaust manifold $80
18) Transmission and transfer case combined. $400
19) Front driveshaft $150
20) Rear driveshaft $150
21) Steering box, pitman arm, and steering column from a 1960’s Nissan Patrol L60 or K60. – $150
22) Hood – Hood from a 1960’s era Nissan Patrol L60. It has rust, but could be repaired. Great for someone building a rock crawler or for a Patrol that has no hood or a damaged hood. – $150
23) Off-road Rear Bumper – This custom built rear bumper came off a 1960’s Nissan Patrol. It is possible that is will fit a Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 or FJ55, Landrover, Scout, Blazer, or Bronco. 64 1/2 inches wide. Includes hole for hitch ball and slot for large backup light. – $200

Craigslist Link Expired


2.) Various 1963 – 1969 Parts in Plano TX

Driver seat only $250
Rear jump seats – pair $500
Bottle Jack holder $35
Oil Bath air cleaner (includes top, bottom and wing bolt) $85
Oil filter cartridge assembly $30
Sun Visors (pre-1969 style with extension arms to clear dual wiper motors) $80 – sale pending Frank M
Glass Fuel Bowl assembly $50
Headlight trim (good condition with some chrome pitted) pair $45
Fan Shroud $20
Push rods $25

Local pick-up or shipping available
Email me with your phone number and I’ll call you right back. 
Keith (Plano, TX)

Craigslist Link Expired


3.) 1964 Axles & Transmission / Transfer Case in Sparks, NV

1. Front and Rear Axles $200.00 for both
2. Transmission/Transfer Case Unit $75.00
Take all these parts for $225.00 and I will throw in some clutch parts at no charge. Have the spars you will need for your patrol on hand and ready to swap. I can assist with loading on your pickup or trailer.

Craigslist Link Expired


4.) Hood & 4X4 Differentials 60 Series Axles in Scottsdale, AZ

Nice set of front and read axles for Nissan Patrols 60-69?? Locking hubs. Complete brakes on front and rear included. Good condition. Located in Scottsdale AZ. $400. local pick up or will coordinate with your shipper.
Also have hood, steering parts, sheet metal covers, cylinder head, intake and exhaust manifold, rear door, radiator fan, turn signal assy….. Many manuals and literature. Mostly series 60 L60 K60 KL60

60 Series Patrol Hood. Good condition. $250. Scottsdale.

Craigslist Link Expired


If you guys find any we missed post the link in the comments section below…


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