Ad Updates For September 30th, 2016

Hello Patrol Enthusiasts,

Today (September 30th, 2016), we have listed 6 new Nissan Patrol ads to our site. These listings span 4 different states and 6 model years.


Update Summary:

Number of Ads: 6
Model Years: 1965, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1987, 1964

See the top 3 listings from the update below. You can also see the recent ads by Click Here.


1965 SB350 V8 Nissan Patrol in Hercules, California

1965 Hercules CA
I have a rare 1965 nissan patrol for sale. It is hard for me to get rid of but I have two crawlers and don’t have time to work on both.…….

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1969 Inline 6 Nissan Patrol in Downey, California

1969 Downey CA
This Nissan Patrol was last used lat year and we used it in the Azusa Canyon to go off roading. It is a three speed inline 6 Engine and comes……

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1987 3.3 Turbo Nissan Patrol in New York City, New York

1987 New York City NY
This 1986 nissan patrol is an incredible and incredibly rare machine. This one was built for the us markets with the driver controls on the left……

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