1991 Portland, Oregon

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Location: Portland, Oregon

Asking Price: $21,000

Key Features

  • Model Year: 1991
  • Engine: 2.8 Litre Turbo Diesel
  • Transmission: 5 Speed Manual

Contact Seller

  • Name: Greg
  • Phone: SOLD
  • Email: SOLD

More Details & Pictures

I bought this vehicle in September 2015 and rebuilt it in October and November 2015 to have it in perfect condition for an 18 month expedition around North and South America with my girlfriend. Everything that needed any repair or could potentially break during the trip was replaced or rebuilt:

-new radiator

– new glowplugs

– all new exhaust system

– new timing belt with rollers and tensioner

– new clutch

– turbo charger rebuilt

– fuel pump rebuilt

– alternator rebuilt

– new bearings in all wheels

– all new copper brake pipes

– new shocks

– air conditioning cleaned and refilled with new coolant

– new complete suspension bushing kit

– new oils in gear box, reduction box and both differentials

Off road gear:

– two heavy duty steel bumpers

– front 12000lbs winch,

– roof rack

– hi-lift jack

– two LED lights

– 35 inch all terrain BFG’s with about 80% tread left

– snatch block, few shackles

– kinetic recovery rope 36 000lbs

Camping equipment:

– 2 person roof top tent with annex room underneath

– custom built-in drawers system that contains 4 big drawers accessible from the back of the car, one from the side and one from the front seats.

– 70 liter (18 gallons) tank for hot shower water. In the tank there is a heater which is connected to engine cooling system. You can easily control the temperature of the water.

– portable 12v camping shower with shower tent

– two plastic 20 liter (5 gallons) water tanks hanging on the back door

– extra 100Ah gel deep cycle battery which powers all the camping devices and lights. It is charged by the solar panel and also by the alternator of the car. There is also a switch to discharge the battery separately from the car battery(you will never end up in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery)

– 50W solar panel mounted on the roof

– 20 liter( 5 gallons) 12V fridge. It is built into the drawers system and extra isolated. When we were camping in Texas with the temperatures above 95 F it kept the food for the whole day in the temperature of 40 F in a closed car.

– Coleman two burner dual fuel stove

– extra LED camping lights from the back and the side of the car

– 1000 Watts 12v to 220v converter

– extra 2 person ground tent

Apart from things listed above there are many more small things which are included in the price of the vehicle like camping chairs, table, extra filters, 12V air compressor, extra belts, bearings, brake pads and all kind of tools you need for repairing the car.

The vehicle is 25 years old so there are a few things that are not perfect. Bodywork needs some improvements. We didn’t worry about it as this is not something that will stop us on the expedition. There are a few rust bubbles and many scratches all over the car from driving in the forest and scratching the bushes.

There is also a small dent on the corner of the hood. It’s about 2 inches in diameter. The drivers seat had a little hole and we replaced cloth on one side of the seat but it is a different shade of grey.

We shipped our Nissan to the United States in the beginning of January 2016. We drove about 11 thousand miles around the U.S. and after that unfortunately our plans changed and we have to go back to Europe. Instead of shiping it back we decided to sell it here in the U.S.

The car drives great, fuel consumption is about 19 miles to a gallon with the cruising speed of 60mph. It is a very reliable vehicle which can take you anywhere you want.

The vehicle has European license plates but it has all necessary documents showing it is legally imported into the U.S, the import taxes were paid and it is ready to be registered by the new owner.

The price of the vehicle contains all off road and camping gear listed above. There is no option to buy any of the gear separately.

The price is 21.000 USD

eBay auction with lower reserve price:

For more info or to arrange a viewing call Greg at 201-912- 9283

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