1981 Asheville North Carolina

1981 Asheville NC


Important Ad Information

  • Ad Source: Direct
  • Vehicle Location: Asheville , North Carolina
  • Model Year: 1981
  • Operation Status: Running
  • Asking Price: $3,000
  • Contact Info: Cade @ (828) 656-1199


More Info About Vehicle

1981 Nissan Patrol. Bought it in Georgia a few months back and had it running and driving, clutch cable snapped and is movable, but not quite driveable. SWB High Top. Needs a total resto or a restomod. Only SWB High Top MQ in the United States as far as I know. Head gasket done and head resurfaced within the last year. Asking $2500 obo. I need this truck gone and don’t have the time or money to finish this highly unique truck. Does not have a title, but is a 1981 just before 17 digit vin #’s so it should be fairly easy to obtain.

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