1967 Las Vegas Nevada

1967 Las Vegas NV


Important Ad Information

  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • Vehicle Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Model Year: 1967
  • Operation Status: Running
  • Asking Price: $4,500
  • Contact Info: Josh @ 702-417-7281


More Info About Vehicle

Up for sale is a 1967 Nissan Patrol 4×4. It is badged from the factory as a Nissan and titled as a Datsun Patrol. This patrol runs and drives and is currently registered and insured. I drive it to work once a week or so and get plenty of thumbs ups and head turns!

It is a really unique vehicle and I hate to get rid of it but problems at home force the sale.

It has a 4.0 Inline 6 with a 3 speed manual transmission. Motor is strong and has plenty of power, mostly low end torque. Headlights, tail lights and brake lights all function. The previous owner converted it to an electric fuel pump. It comes complete with the removable hard top with sliding side mirrors with new rubber gaskets. It has a new windshield and reupholstered front seats. The dash has been repainted. It has as the original Patrol badged steering wheel which is really neat. It has a factory twin stick transfer case which functions but takes a little bit of effort to get to switch back and forth between 4wd and 2wd. Manual locking hubs. A lot of work has gone into getting it to this point, but it is not perfect by any means. It is very utilitarian and simplistic which is what originally attracted me to it.

This Patrol was originally used at a Nevada Gold Mine on the Utah border. Since it is an original Nevada vehicle it is mostly rust free. There are a few little areas of rust on it, but nothing major, and nothing to compromise the structure of the vehicle.

When at the gas stations or stopping around town it is a great conversation piece. Most people usually think it is a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, early Ford Bronco, Jeep CJ or a Land Rover Defender or Series II and are pleasantly surprised to find out it is a Nissan patrol.

There was somewhere around 3200 of these vehicles imported to the United States. There are around 1000 currently on the US registry, and of those 1000, there are probably less than 150 that are actually running and driving and who knows how many are actually registered, maybe only a small hand full. The nice thing about registration is that it is a 1967 so you never have to worry about smogging it. You simply go in with the title and insurance and they give you plates. This leaves options open for motor swaps if you prefer to open that door.


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  1. Hello Tim,

    Please try to contact seller directly with the above contact number in the ad for your further query about this Nissan Patrol, as some seller may not monitor the ads/comments.


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