1966 Oceanside CA

No Longer Available

1966 oceanside CA

Important Ad Information

  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • Vehicle Location: Oceanside California
  • Model Year: 1966
  • Operation Status: Not Running
  • Asking Price: $8500
  • Contact Info: No Longer Available


More Info About Vehicle

Up for grabs is a rare (don’t believe me, then look it up, only around 2000 were imported in the 1960’s) 1966 Nissan Patrol 4×4 G60. It has the qualities of an FJ40, Willys Jeep, and an old Land Rover all rolled into one truck. When I take it out, most people stare in amazement because they don’t what truck it is until they read the badges. Car has the original drive train with no issues, three speed transmission powered by an inline 6. Manual locking hubs, with levers to select 4WD or 2WD, and low or high speed. No radio, honestly had no intentions of putting one in. Yes, it will go on the highway and comfortably maxes at 65mph, but she is built for off-roading.

I recently put in two new Mastercraft bucket seats with harnesses and replaced the rear lights with KC lights. New military tires and new drum brakes. There are two things wrong with her (keep in mind she is 48 years old): the gas tank leaks at a rate of one drop every 30 seconds if filled above half a tank, and there is a small 3″x3″ spot of rust on the rear tail, above the bumper.

I would love to trade for another older car, email me any offers, but I am not opposed to straight sale.
Again, keep in mind that this much cash wouldn’t get you far in an FJ40…and the Patrol is the better truck (it was the first truck to cross the Simpson desert down in Australia). Email me if you want to own a legendary and rare rig that your friends and neighbors have never seen.


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