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1991 RHD-JDM Safari GranRoad Diesel in Seattle, WA

September 23, 2018 0

1991 Nissan Safari GranRoad  VIN: VRGY60-617707  condition: good  cylinders: 6 cylinders  drive: 4wd  fuel: diesel  odometer: 108000  paint color: red  size: full-size  title status: clean  transmission: automatic  type: SUV  Nissan Safari (Patrol) 4WD, Diesel. (RHD-JDM) Directly […]

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1969 Nissan Patrol

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For the most part this includes classic 1st and 2nd generation Patrol vehicles made during the 1950s, 60s and 70s, including the popular 1969 model year. These resemble the older Willy Jeep and CJ Wranglers as well as Toyota FJ40s; and are often sought after by off-road aficionados as well as 4 wheeler collectors. As you will find on our For Sale page though we also display more modern third, fourth, fifth and sixth generation Nissan Patrols that are for sale in the USA and Canada.

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